2019 participants

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Exhibitions:   - ElectroTrans       - CityBus     - Electronica-Transport     - Transport Lighting

Exhibition Company Country

Presentation in the business program

1520 Signal Russia 14 May - Integrated solutions for subway train control systems
  Advantech Taiwan 14 May - Advantech electronics for the needs of Moscow transport system
  AMiT Czech Republic  
  aQsi Russia 15 May - Transport fiscal solutions
  Calypso Network Association Belgium 15 May - Open source ticketing solutions as a universal tool to support integrated urban mobility platforms
Eltreco Russia  
Green Power Solutions Italy 15 May - The latest high-power Converter modules for electrical transport applications
  ISBC Russia 15 May - MIFARE as a leading solution for smart cities
  ITLINE Russia 14 May - Bus stop display: the benefits of using for city administration
Schaltbau Germany
    A+C Transpoject Russia 14 May - Application of modeling for reforming and optimizing route networks from the point of view of passengers and administrators
Autoinformator Russia  
    ADOR Russia  
AZUR POS Russia  
Acustic.ru Russia 15 May - Differentiated elasticity for railroad switches of tram ways
Alumophoto Russia  
АПСС Russia 14 May - Lighting pannel discussion moderator
ARS TERM Russia 15 May - Electrobus as a new type of mobility. Specific features of use
    Artecs Transholod Russia
    ASANA TM Russia 14 May - Cost reduction during maintenance and depot repair of electric rolling stock and carriges with the use of innovative technical detergents
Electrocable International Association Russia 15 May - Safe Cable Project to protect the interests of customers
ATOL Online Russia 15 May - The third wave of 54-Federal Law: ready-made solution for fiscal registration of remote non-cash payments in transport
Bijur Delimon Russia Russia  
Center of velobyckes Russia
Vidor Russia  
VNIIZhT Russia 14 May - Methods and means of monitoring the effectiveness of management decisions to change the system of maintenance and repair of passenger cars
Velomobility Research Institute Russia
Gazprombank Russia 15 May - Electric buses and commercial vehicles as a driver of the world automotive industry
Heliocity Russia 14 May - Energy-efficient lighting technologies in transport. Changing the lighting in the stations, passageways, vestibules, and tunnels. Lighting in transport hubs and on adjacent territories
Global Link Russia 15 May - Trends in the development of electric vehicles in Russia and in the world. Problems and Analytics
Gorelectrotrans St.Petersburg Russia 15 May - Experience of the use of trolleybuses with a larger stand-alone course in Saint-Petersburg
    Davydov Auto Glass Russia 16 May - Side glazing of passenger transport: glass with valve window
    Moscow Government Department for transport and transport infrastructure development Russia 14 May - Practice of control of execution and updating of Complex plans of transport service for Moscow
E-Carta Russia 15 May - Servey of Sverdlovsk region transport companies state in the view of introduction of new scheme for tax payments
Zheldorrazvitie Association Russia 14 May - opening remarks at the pannel discussion "Experience in reducing costs in the maintenance and repair of passenger electric rolling stock and passenger cars"
Composite Plant Russia
    Autust Air Conditioner Plant Russia 16 May - Presentation of the "August" plant 
Golden Crown Russia 15 May - Actual solutions transport operators in accodance with 54-Federal law application. How to play in conditions of changing legislative base and market situation
  Iveco Russia Italy
Izhevsk IRZ TEK plant Russia  
Interactive thermography Institute Russia

14 May - Irtis innovative complex for assessing the condition of rolling stock on the basis of thermograph

15 May - Automatic complex of thermal imaging for pre-trip control of drivers (drivers) on the basis of thermograph Irtis

IPEM RAS Institute Russia 14 May - What does the passenger need? The results of a survey of the population of commuter traffic in the Moscow region
    KAMAZ Russia  
RETRA Russia 15 May - UDPSS-0060 - the device of remote transfer of arrows of trams and traffic lights  
KIT Invest Russia
Klueber Lubrication Germany 16 May - Passanger cars doors lubrication
Kontactmodule Belarus  
  Luidor Russia  
M2Media Russia  
MAP GET Association Russia  
MasterCard Russia 15 May - Contactless Bank payments in transport
International Association Metro Russia  
Metrovagonmash Service Russia 14 May - Experience of maintenance and repair of metro trains under life cycle contracts
MicroEM Russia 14 May - Highly reliable connectors and harnesses for electric transport
Milandr Russia  
Electrodvigatel Mogilev Plant Belarus  
MST Company Russia 15 May - Building and analysis of city transport network on the basis of big data processing. The evaluation of the performance of conductors
Murom switch works Russia
MF Tarif Russia 15 May - 54 Federal law and payment solutions for public transport
MCPP Russia  
    Neyrocom Russia 15 May - Health control systems for drivers 
NIITM Russia

14 May - Automatic control System of Tram Traffic (road traffic automation) by NIITM JSC

Central control room for rail transport systems, new technical solutions for efficient management

Technical re-equipment of route-relay centralization of the subway to Microprocessor Centralization without stopping of subway operation

ЕЭС NTC EES Moscow office


Progress NPC Russia

NTC SAPR PGUPS Russia 14 May - Automation of planning of ground high-speed light rail transport
Parus Electro Russia 15 May - APOIE Association goals and prospects
    PAAZ Russia

PK Transport Systems

Official partner of ElectroTrans 2019 expo


14 May - Presentation of the innovative tram trolley for  1000mm track and single-section 100%-low-floor Lion tram car


Finland 14 May - LEDIL optics for LED transport lighting


Finland 15 May - Ticketing as a Service Taas or must-have for operators and smart cityes. The experience of Finland

Prostye Resheniya


Proton Electrotecs

Russia 15 May - Proton-Electrotex as a supplier of power semiconductor devices and solutions based on them for electric transport
PEMZ Plant Russia  
  RariTEK Russia
Raschetnye Resheniya Russia 15 May - Accounting for trips of privileged categories of citizens, integration with holders of social registers in order to provide transparent reimbursement of trips to carriers from the budget
RZD Russia 14 May - Documentary support of modern approaches to the operation of passenger rolling stock
  Rosven Russia
Rosecosvet Russia 14 May - Transport infrastructure development under the concept of smart city
Russoft Association Russia 15 May - the organizer of the seminar on Information protection
RUT MIIT Russia 14 May - International experience and prospects for improving maintenance and repair of railway rolling stock
Svetcom Russia 14 May - Innovations in flexible lighting
Svetoservice TM Russia 14 May - Prospects for the introduction of new national standards and industry standards for lighting control in transport
Transtelematika Russia 15 May - Tram deport automation control system
    SIBECO Russia
    Sidmash Russia
CITYCARD Russia 15 May - Developing of standards for automated payment systems and information systems for public transport
Sloteks Russia 16 May - The decorative paper-laminated plastic application in the interiors of subway cars and trains
Snark Russia 14 May - Contact wire suspension system using composite cable
Sovplim Russia 14 May - Sovplim technologies for air purification in subways and railway depots
Modern Tramway Constructions Russia 15 May - Modern elements for tramway construction
Modern Rail Systems Russia 15 May - Improved rail constructions for urban electric transport
Sofrion Electrotransport Russia  
Kuban Transport Union Russia 15 May - Practice of application of control and cash equipment offers 
SpaceTeam Russia

15 May - The certified complex of technical means of video surveillance and video recording for vehicles of categories M2, M3 (passenger vehicles)

14 May - Digital technologies for public transport applications

14 May - Digital safe bus as the basis of innovative digital services for passengers

Stroytrans Russia

  TAMA Association Russia  
Terminal Technologies Russia 15 May - Innovative solutions for transport complex
Termotron Russia 14 May - Automation of tram traffic control on the territory of tram depots and on city routes in Moscow
TKK Russia 14 May - Concession project of creation, reconstruction and operation of the tram network in Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg. New tram service – Chizhik tram.
Tsar Trade Hause Russia  
Transmashholding Russia 14 May - Influence of new technical solutions on the structure of maintenance and repair of motor-car rolling stock
Transnavigatsia Russia 15 May - The use of information on the filling of the cabin in the operational cycle of passenger traffic management
UTTZ Russia Innovative UTTZ trolleybus model 4262.01
Faros Russia
FPC JSC Russia 14 May - Experience of cost optimization during maintenance and scheduled repairs of passenger cars
VEM Rus GmbH Germany 15 May - VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH traction motors for electric transport
Formula Electric MADI Russia  
TsOPR of JSC RZD Russia 14 May - Actual issues of renewal of rolling stock for suburban and intercity railway transport
Chergos Russia 14 May - Optimization of the trajectory in the mode of auto-driving of the train
Cherkizov Metrostroy Plant Russia
LiDS Design School Russia 14 May - Outdoor lighting of metro, suburban stations and railway stations


Offical parnter of ElectroTrans 2019 expo



Electrovypryamitel Russia 15 May - Power semiconductor electronics products of PJSC "Elektrovypryamitel" for urban electrified transport
Electrontechnika Russia 14 May - OTC Equipment, switching and installation
   Elecrtrotochpribor Russia 15 May - Improving the safety of transportation of passengers in trolleybuses
Eleprom.ru Russia  
Embiot Russia 14 May - Implementation of lighting projects with the use of control systems
Ener ZET Russia
Energiya Russia


Energiya, NPP Russia

15 May - Charging station SSA-500T for Moscow electric buses

The experience of operating the protection device of traction network (USTs)

    ETNA Russia

16 May - Energy-saving approach to providing microclimate in cabins and passenger compartments of city transport rolling stock

EFO Russia

14 May - A new generation of modular power supplies for use in transport systems from manufacturers Vicor, Recom, Minmax